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SIDE HINGE window is a window opening outwards equipped with a high quality SPILKA fitting. Window SIDE HUNG can be opened with hooks, forvriders or with a traditional handle. In a first phase of opening SIDE HUNG has a safety lock as standard, and the initial opening of the window is to a maximum of 80mm at the side of the window, which has been adapted to the requirement for child safety.
Spilka Swing can be produced as a two-frame window without a fixed centre mullion, and this design would meet requirements for an escape route.
For cleaning purposes, the window may be turned 180° and the safety lock would then be engaged and hold the sash in position. The window does not swing into the room so curtains and plants on the window sill are not disturbed
Window design makes it be clamped not only by fittings but also by wind when a sash is closed and wind is blowing. Thanks to this solution, window tightness is increased and unfavourable draughts are avoided.


The maximum frame weight is 40kg when using two hinges and 50kg when using three hinges. Maximum window width is M9, equivalent to 888mm
In windows production, conventionally PVC glazing beads are used for white windows. For other windows colors, glazing beads are wooden and painted in woodwork livery. Bottom glazing bead is conventionally a natural aluminum which can be painted in all kinds of RAL colors as per your wish.
Windows are equipped with handles or another type of closing like hooks or forvrider. For increasing safety, handles with a lock can be mounted. The surface of windows is covered with high quality acrylic paint TEKNOS. All RAL and NCS colors are available as well as azure colors with a visible wood structure.
Depending on a profile, windows can be equipped with a pane set from 24 up to 48 mm with a U-value from 1,1 to 0,5 W/m2K. U – value for a whole window depending on a kind of profile as well as a size of a window varies from 1,3 up to. 0,8 W/m2K.